What to Expect

Getting Started

To book an appointment please book online or call Michelle directly at 416.436.6411. Prior to your first meeting, we ask that you complete a new patient package including a detailed health questionnaire and bring it with you to the first appointment. We appreciate the time and effort you spend on completing these forms since it is important that Michelle is aware of your current health status, your complete medical history, and which areas of your health you would like to see change in the future. Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible, as your responses will greatly assist in the development of a personalized treatment plan. If you have any questions before meeting, please contact Michelle directly at 416.436.6411.

The First Visit

We ask that you bring with you the completed new patient package, the actual bottles of any medication / healthsupplements you are currently taking, and, if possible, a copy of your most recent bloodwork. The initial Naturopathic consultation is typically 90-120 minutes in length (60 minutes for children). During this visit, Michelle will review your health questionnaire, ask detailed questions relevant to your health concerns, and review appropriate bloodwork. She will summarize her treatment recommendations as part of a prescribed treatment plan designed to meet your needs and discuss with you the best ways to implement that plan.

The Second Visit

The second visit usually takes place 3-4 weeks following the initial consultation and is typically 45-60 minutes in length. During this visit, Michelle will review your  response to the prescribed treatment plan and discuss appropriate 'next steps' as needed.

Follow-up visits

Follow-up visits vary in length, the timing and cost of which depends on your needs and personalized treatment plan. Visit fees are listed in the new patient package.

Payment & Re-imbursement

The client is responsible for payment of services following treatment. Michelle will provide you with a receipt that includes all the information required by your health insurance company. It is this invoice that you provide to your health insurance company for re-imbursement.

Health Coverage

Most extended health benefit plans provide coverage for 'Naturopathic Medicine'. Check your plan - it is commonly listed under 'Paramedical Services'. OHIP does not provide coverage for naturopathic care.