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Dr. Michelle Richea, ND offers Naturopathic Consultations for the whole family with an individualized approach to care.

Meet Dr. Michelle Richea, ND
get it. I get real life. The messy kind of real life. I don’t sit on my naturopathic high horse all day scooping chia seeds, I toss a salad together with remnants from the fridge and run off to my next meeting.

I’m a full-time mom and a full-time Naturopathic Doctor, not to mention… garbage-taker-outer, camper, teacher, playdate-planner, wife, philosopher, and aspiring DIY crafter…So I get it. I get real life. I am always learning how to live healthier every day and enjoy working with my clients do the same.

I love what I do. I wear many hats in my role as a Naturopath – part detective, part medical library, part therapist – and I put these all together as a total health and wellness coach. From common kiddie colds to menopausal hot flashes I support each member of the family in an individual way.

I understand the seemingly impossible task of today’s ’to do’ list, and yet want to achieve much more than that in any given day. I understand that things don’t always fit into nice and tidy ‘black and white’ boxes and that real life happens somewhere in between. I am the real ND for the real world. I thrive on the weird and the wonderful and all the things that make you uniquely YOU! I want to support your health, not just for the sake of aceing your yearly physical exam… but so you can be the happiest, healthiest most fulfilled version of You. You are unique and so should be your healthcare. Our individualized approach can help you get to where you want to go.

Once Upon A Time
ike many before me, and many after me, my story and call to service began when facing life-threatening personal health challanges. I didn’t always willingly suck back a green smoothie and appreciate the sweetness inherent in roasted veggies.

I grew up on the standard North American diet (‘SAD’ as it’s called by some) but due to life-threatening personal health challenges I began to take a closer look at what I was eating and learn the association with my health. Reading food labels and carefully considering my nutrition has been a lifelong pursuit and learning opportunity.

From this personal experience, I was motivated to pursue a career in Naturopathic Medicine to help others gain some of the same awareness that I felt was so insightful in improving my own health.

My story doesn’t end there, it was not an introduction of a healthier diet and happily ever after. I had other health challenges arise that demonstrated some limits to dietary management and naturopathic medicine. I needed medical investigations, surgery and further monitoring. I’ve learned how to integrate my ND approach with conventional medical management, and the greater health benefits available with this collaborative approach. I am confident we can greatly enhance the health of our patients when practitioners collaborate in care. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to practice for 8 years in a family medical practice and gain invaluable insight into the synergy possible with an integrated approach. I can act as a bridge to bring the best of differing worldviews together.

I endeavour to support my clients and their families on the path to greater health and wellness, helping them navigate their healthcare options in a collaborative fashion. Together we assess concerns, create goals, and develop a comprehensive plan that feels like a good ‘fit’ for you and your life.