How Can I Help?

No matter how you identify or where you are on your healing journey, you are always welcomed here.

our individual needs are supported with an individualized treatment plan from Dr. Michelle Richea’s comprehensive natural ‘toolbox’.

Working with Michelle is like working with a doctor, a counsellor, a detective, a health coach and consultant all at the same time. Michelle works with her patients and their care providers to make a diagnosis, identify causes and contributing factors, survey obstacles and develop a plan to resolve those. With Naturopathic care you’re investing in someone to walk this path to greater health with you, as a coach and guide.

Dr. Michelle Richea, ND offers Naturopathic Consultations for the whole family with an individualized approach to care.


Due to COVID-19 all consultations are currently being offered by Telemedicine.

Michelle can support anyone, near or far, who resides in Ontario.


90 minute Initial Consult – $240 CAD
45 minute Follow-up Visits – $120 CAD
60 mins. Paediatric Initial Consult – $160

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